Laundry Guide

First time prep:

Our Evolve (AI2) diapers, covers and wet bags only need to be washed and dried one time before they are ready for use.

All of our preflats, inserts and cloth wipes are made with natural fabrics and will take at least three washes to be absorbent enough for first time use. As with all natural fabrics, our inserts will shrink and the edges may curl after first wash and dry. To help reduce curling, stretch out the fabric while still wet and prior to hanging to dry or placing in dryer. Pilling will occur if there is too much friction against other fabrics, so be careful to not overfill your wash with too many items.

Simple Laundry Guide:

*Please know that there is not one way to do cloth diaper laundry. This is a general guide for our diapers that may not work with other diaper brands. Every fabric has a different requirement for washing and every family has different washing machines, water hardness and drying options. Choose the routine that works best for YOU, but be sure to follow these main steps.

  1. Remove solids from diaper
  2. Pre-wash with cold water
  3. Main wash with warm water and recommended amount of detergent
  4. Extra rinse to remove any remaining residue from detergent
  5. Dry on low or hang dry

Storing Tips:

Store in a well ventilated area until time to wash. Exclusively breastfed soiled diapers do not need to be rinsed or scraped off prior to wash as it is water soluble. For all other types, you do need to remove the solids before storing. If you live in an area with low humidity you can keep the storage option open for ventilation to prevent mold and mildew. If you live in an area with high humidity it may be best to fully close the wet bag to prevent insects from finding their way inside. 

Washing Tips:

Rinsing with cold water helps remove stains (urine and poop). We also recommend rinsing your diaper with fresh, non-chlorine water immediately after swimming to ensure the integrity of the PUL and elastics remain intact.

Once baby wakes up from a long nap or you have an overnight diaper that is soaked with urine, you will want to rinse off that insert before storing for a full wash. Overnight urine is more concentrated so your absorbency is more likely to smell like urine/ammonia the longer you allow it to set in.

Agitation is key to removing stains and washing correctly. You’ll want to make sure you have a good size load (around ¾ full) to ensure a proper wash. 

Drying Tips:

For our Evolve (AI2) diapers, covers and wet bags we recommend to hang dry, not in direct sunlight. Do not use high heat in a dryer or direct sunlight during drying as this will damage the PUL and elastics

Our preflats, inserts and cloth wipes are best dried by hanging in direct sunlight. Sunning also helps remove staining naturally without any chemicals. You can also dry these items in the dryer on low/medium heat.


List of No-No’s:

Do not boil.

Do not use fabric softener, vinegar or dryer sheets. 

Do not use diaper cream unless cloth diaper safe (or using a liner).

Do not store soiled diapers in a plastic bag without ventilation (this can cause mold and mildew).

Do not overfill your laundry load. Too many items in your washing machine will cause pilling and/or will not allow your items to be cleaned properly.