Ethics, Design, Compliance & Batch Info

At Mango Moon Stitches we have researched, reviewed and reached out to multiple companies and manufacturers between at least 5 different countries. With all the options that were given to us, there was one manufacturer that surpassed our expectations with their communication, labor standards, premium fabric options and quality control. They continue to provide us with high quality products using custom graphics that are 100% hand drawn and computer generated by us. All of the products we offer are designed and tested in eith Nevada or Arkansas, USA. While we have not visited our manufacturer in person due to COVID restrictions, we have a great business relationship with the owner.

Our manufacturer is based in China and is SMETA-SEDEX, OEKO-TEX, CPSIA, ISO-9001 and Walmart FCCA certified and compliant. 

We are CPSIA compliant and CPSC SBM Registered:

044783-062022 Exp 12/31/2022

044783-012023 Exp 12/31/2023

Please reach out to us at to request our Children's Product Certificate (CPC).

All patterns for our cloth diapers were hand designed using computer programs by our owner. Images that were used to make our patterns were all chosen from the website and created by talented graphic designers. 

Batch Information:

 Style Batch/Lot # Production Date 
Evolve Cloth Diaper - Raven & Dahlia BB1-1221 12/16/21
Evolve Cloth Diaper - The Genie BB1-1221 12/16/21
Evolve Cloth Diaper - The Notorious BB1-1221 12/16/21
Evolve Cloth Diaper - Honeydew & Hemp BB1-1221 12/16/21
Evolve Cloth Diaper - Mango & Moon BB1-1221 12/16/21
Cover Diaper - Marine & Coral BB1-1221 12/16/21
Cover Diaper - Sangria & Sun BB1-1221 12/16/21
Cover Diaper - The Ariel BB1-1221 12/16/21
Cover Diaper - Pride & Proud BB1-1221 12/16/21
Cover Diaper - The Lucille BB1-1221 12/16/21
One Size Preflat BB1-1221 12/16/21
Newborn Preflat BB1-1221 12/16/21
Stay Dry Bamboo Hourglass Insert BB1-1221 12/16/21
Bamboo Velour Cloth Wipes BB1-1221 12/16/21
Contoured Snake Bamboo Insert BB1-1221 12/16/21
Unbleached Hemp Booster BB1-1221 12/16/21
Raven & Dahlia Wet Bag BB1-1221 12/16/21